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Vesna and Zaim

It is an unusual union which brought two very different individuals into a single interesting story. Our paths crossed on another continent and brought us to Vesna’s ancestral lands.
Zaim returned with a desire to be closer to his own homeland, while Vesna was motivated by the challenge of a new adventure.
We both went through difficult moments in life but that only brought us closer to the understanding of true human values. Our Mother Earth is the best consoler and teacher. Everyone learned their lessons here, and we poured them into creating a place which gives joy to us and everyone who visits us. Is there anything more joyous than to be able – in accordance with nature – to get to know ourselves!?

Our path is one of curious exploration, of open hearts, minds and souls. Our wish is to pass on what we have learned, to spread the idea of healthy living. We have sown our seeds which has already adapted to the climate. But, with the seeds of plants, we also sow the seeds of awareness.