Our Story

Working the land is challenging and subjected to constant change and adaptation. An equally irresistible and difficult experience!

A prolific dissimilarity between two people inspired an interesting story and paved the way for new generations, thus continuing the tradition established by Vesna’s ancestors a long time ago. Having returned from another continent to Vesna’s ancestral estate, she and Zaim began a story which soon outgrew the two of them.

The true path lies in the inquisitive exploration and openness of heart, mind and soul, aiming to share realisations, and expand the idea and direct experience of healthy life.

Our acquired knowledge is passed on in several ways: through workshops, seminars, active participation, or just by visiting.

Working together for many years, all of us have contributed to positive changes in our society.

The story continues, and you are welcome to become one of its protagonists…

Or share our story!