The Farm

The name of our farm comes from the family nickname Zoge and the word Terra (earth).

 It has been owned by our family for generations and is, right now, going through a renaissance of its true values.

The agricultural estate Zogeterra is more than just an organic farm; we are slowly but surely building our values upon the already existing healthy foundations of our heritage.

The experience we gain through insights of the past keeps revealing the visions of a healthier future.

On this path towards true values, the journey itself has a meaning of its own.

Our goal is to create a self-sustainable and self-sufficient farm, with the intent of turning it into an educational role-model.

We gather old recipes, and listen to what Mother Nature tells us.
We strive to understand her language and act in harmony with her laws in order to achieve progress and coexistence. For who can gift us more generously than our Mother!?

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