A Proposal

For a partnership in which all participants have certain rights and responsibilities. The following proposal is a general draft which can, of course, be modified by mutual agreement of the parties.

The main thing is to obey the same or similar basic life principles: trust, attempt to apply sustainability in all possible aspects, take care of the earth and all living beings, show empathy for our fellow men…

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»OPG Zogeterra«
Vlasnik: Vesna Rožić
Put sv. Jakova 15
21423 Nerežišća

About Us

The Zogeterra property, revitalized in 2009 by the joint efforts of the owner and her ex-husband Zaim, has grown into a successful and well-regarded establishment on the island. With a commitment to ecological practices, the property earned several accolades, including the Ecological Certificate and the HOP label. As a pillar of the local community, Zogeterra set standards for hard work and mutual support, creating a strong network of collaborators and customers.

After scaling down operations in 2016, the owner continued to nurture the property, envisioning it as a center for knowledge exchange and skill development. Partnerships with other local farms collaborations with individuals have contributed to Zogeterra’s story, despite challenges along the way. These collaborations, based on shared profits rather than rent, exemplify the spirit of partnership and community that Zogeterra stands for. Now, with ample untapped resources and a desire to uphold the tradition of the farm, the owner invites new partners and collaborators to join this thriving venture.

The Property

On my part, I provide the land, infrastructure, technology, knowledge and market.

17.000 m2 surface area

The property has a total surface area of 17.000 m2 , including both mine and my sister’s share.

Abundance of fruit-bearing trees

Such as olive trees, cherry trees, almond trees,
fig trees and service trees.

There are also other fruit trees and some wine grapes.

Fertile soil

Situated in a Karst area, the property’s fertile soil can be turned into a vegetable patch of at least 3000 m2.

Easy access

The property is located 500 m away from the centre of the village Nerežišće.


I graduated in PK Design at the Latinovac Convergence in 2019. Attending numerous biodynamic workshops helped me achieve practical knowledge and skills that contributed
to my outstanding reputation in the field.


The property includes


For many years I have collaborated with and co-founded numerous Croatian GSR and SEG. High quality of my products made me welcome at all prestigious fairs. I have permanent customers both in Croatia and abroad, and all seedlings, vegetables and fruit grown at my property are sold in advance.

According to my estimates, this property – in its full operation – can be a steady source of income for at least three teams.

The possibilities include: propagation – seedlings , vegetable growing, making products from self-grown plants, thematic workshops organizing, products tasting, renting the space for other workshops (yoga, meditation, constellations…), organised visits to the property, collaboration with schools and day nurseries, practice for ecological agriculture students

All above mentioned activities have been part of our practice and they can also be expanded.

Our Story

The Zogeterra property was restarted in 2009, after a fifty-year break, by my ex -husband Zaim and me. With the help of friends and family, it turned into a lovely story playing host to numerous lecturers and organising various workshops. We were among the first on the island to get the Ecological Certificate, the HOP label (Croatia’s Island Product), the first incentive funds…

Enthusiastic to share our experience, we significantly contributed to the progress of our local community. The Zogeterra became a synonym for diligent, honest and successful work.

We created a network of collaborators and customers, becoming an example of how one can make a decent living owing to hard work and mutual support.

In 2016, after my then partner had left, I reduced the scope of activities on the property, focusing on the cultivation and processing.

Encouraged by Sunčana Pešak, I applied to the Latinovac Convergence PK Design Department in 2019.

I have always envisioned this property as a centre for sharing information and as an incubator for practical knowledge and skills, and I managed to lay solid foundations for it.

In 2019, I established collaboration with the Kožul OPG (Family Farm), to whom I handed over my seed bank, a part of the field and the vegetable cultivation infrastructure.

Unfortunately, the project manager fell seriously ill and we did not manage to complete everything we had planned. Based on my certificate, some ten thousand organic vegetable seedlings were grown. Following our agreement, I was to receive a share of the profit.

I didn’t want to burden the lessee with annuity, believing that it would be fair to get compensation from the income. Because, eventually – if the lessee is happy, I am happy too.

In 2020, I established a successful collaboration with Andro Nigojević. Thanks to my certificate, around 15.000 seedlings were grown. However, Andro Nigojević fell in love and moved to Dicmo. He is still fond of propagation, but he is far away now and does not have the infrastructure for the cultivation of seedlings. I believe that he will return to seedlings one day.

I consider both above mentioned collaborations successful because everything was done to the satisfaction of both parties, and our friendship intensified.

As life goes on, technically, I am still capable of doing everything necessary to maintain the production and marketing. I also believe that I should step forward because there are still huge but unused resources. My great wish is to continue the established tradition.

For a long time I have considered the possibility of offering the majority of my business to a number of like-minded people in the manner that everyone would have their share of business and be responsible for it. Each activity would be completed with another one in order to encourage each other’s businesses. This would actually include helping each other at the time when there is the most of the work to be done.

The Idea

Everyone gives his little share so that eventually everyone will have more.

My idea is explained in the following illustration which shows the concept
of preserving all the energy within the community.

The Result

The backbone of the plan rests on the same basic life values, the togetherness preserves the resources from scattering and encourages the power of mutual support while maintaining the individualism of the participants.

The immovable objects are my investment, because everything nevertheless remains on the property which is in my possession.

As was the case before, I would not ask for a rental fee, but for a share of the profit.

The basis of the entire partnership is trust.

My previous experience showed this model to be a successful one.

This, however, does not exclude specific contracts in written form – on the contrary!

            There is a possibility for construction on the property; I am still in the process
of defining the details.

Initially, I will help potential partners to find local accommodation.

A purchase of some real estate in the vicinity of the property is in the process, which I believe would be ready for renovation in the near future.

The possibilities are numerous indeed. All above mentioned is a general proposal which can be altered, completed, expanded and changed if necessary.


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»OPG Zogeterra«
Vlasnik: Vesna Rožić
Put sv. Jakova 15
21423 Nerežišća