»OPG Zogeterra«
Owner: Vesna Rožić
Put sv. Jakova 15
21423 Nerežišća



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How to reach us

Dear visitors, please take time to familiarize yourselves with the rules applicable when visiting our farm. Thank you!

Dogs are not welcome!

The farm is inhabited by birds that make it their home, and the presence of dogs disturbs and endangers their lives.

Economical use of water

All water on the farm is rainwater of limited quantity.

Take the trash with you

Which is logical in itself, but it's always good to mention...

Please do not pick anything from the ground or above it!

It's basic decency, but it's good to note... Everything that grows on the land brings some sort of income...

What you can take - are beautiful memories and photographs

Not stones, seedlings, feathers and like so...

Walking is only possible on marked routes

Something is growing all around, and by walking, the earth is trampled and the air necessary for the life of plants is released.

Do not feed and disturb the birds at any time

If you have suitable food, you can give it to me, I will judge whether it is good for them and feed them at a certain time.

No smoking

I have nothing against smoking and smokers, but here it is unacceptable.

No drugs

This includes weed and hashish: I believe in their benefits, but I don't support abuse, so that we don't argue about what is good and what is not, there are no drugs or opiates.

No alcohol

A good drop is always welcome, but in order to avoid unpleasant situations of overdoing ‒ alcohol is not welcome. Of course, unless some special occasion is being organized at the farm...

Junk food and junk drinks

The farm is sustainable, my approach is very radical: I consider it the only correct solution, therefore this type of food and drinks are not welcome.

Junk music

Neither animals nor plants like it, and it's not healthy for us either! Enjoy the sounds of nature!